Tuesday, February 19, 2013

女相 [陆贞传奇] (Female Prime Minister)

This drama hasn't aired yet but I'm constantly awaiting it's arrival. I personally love this period in history, with the female prime minister and all the political scheming behind it. One thing I like about Yu Zheng's dramas is that there are always these super beautiful HD photographs of the scenes in the drama. OMG. I get so excited when I see these that I save them all. So please excuse the excess amount of pictures I've put on this post. Ahha. I was looking through the pictures and first saw Yang Rong (杨蓉). She's so pretty and I freaking love her face! I saw her in  宫锁珠帘-宫2 (Gong 2) and I was like: ^_^ Then I saw her in  笑傲江湖 (Swordsman) and I was: Oh Hey Again! So I think I'm very familiar with her now! She has such a cute face when she gets angry! I haven't seen Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖) before except for that small role in   宫锁珠帘-宫2 (Gong 2) when she tries to murder the emperor. She has a naturally adorable face but I didn't take notice of it until the moment I saw her face in the posters for this drama. I will from now! Oh My Gosh. Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖) paired up with Chen Xiao (陈晓) is hands down one of the cutest couples I've seen in Chinese Dramas. Meant to be, I swear. Chen Xiao (陈晓) acted in  笑傲江湖 (Swordsman) along side Yang Rong (杨蓉) (The girl I thought has a cute face when she's mad) but I still think he and Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖) are better. As for Qiao Ren Liang (乔任梁) I've watched him in the Chinese Modern drama  我的经济适用男 (My Economical Man) but honestly I would never think he can play a role in an  Chinese Costume drama. But Yu Zheng probably has a more insightful mind than me so... And may I just add that the director of this series is Li Hui Zhu and the scriptwriter is Zhang Wei. Expect a good show!

The opening theme song

My Ratings: ★★★★ out of ☆☆☆☆☆ (From reading the storyline and watching the short clip)

To escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen enters the palace as an attendant. Her skills in making pottery and fabric garner the praise of Emperor Gao Yan, and he promotes her through the ranks rapidly. At the same time, she also captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan. However, she can never be with him as social status and jealous enemies work against her at every turn. She devotes herself to politics and helps Gao Zhan defeat a coup d'etat. Though Gao Zhan can not make her his empress, he bestows her with the highest position in the land, the female prime minister.


Number of Episodes: 40


  1. Dying to watch the series! And you're right, these HD caps are so captivating.

  2. *Spoiler*
    This drama was seriously awesome! The chemistry from Lu Zhen and Ah Zhan was amazing! When Ah Zhan died at the end, I just kept crying and crying! One regret I had from this drama is that they couldn't have their own kid :( I highly recommend this!

  3. *Spoiler*
    This drama was hands down my favorite drama, along with Bu Bu Jing Xing. The chemistry between Lu Zhen and Ah Zhan was just so amazing, totally ship this couple. I cried so hard when Ah Zhan died at the end :( One regret I had from watching this drama was that they couldn't have their own kid, but other than that I completely recommend this drama. A combination of excellent acting, beautiful costumes, and heart-stirring chemistry.