Friday, February 8, 2013

宫锁沉香 (Gong Suo Chen Xiang)

Info on 宫锁沉香 (Gong Suo Chen Xiang):
This is a movie version of Gong (宫) but focusing on Chen Xiang and the 13th prince. This movie will be aired in July of 2013.

My Ratings: TBA

Synopsis:During the Emperor Kangxi Qing Dynasty, Chen Xiang entered the palace and befriends a maid of the same age named Liu li. Liu li wanted to become powerful and find a place for herself, she attempt to flirt with the princes. Liu li betrays Chen Xiang during the process and Chen Xiang accidentally falls in love with the 13th prince. After twists and turns, the the duo finally lived happily ever after.

Zhou Dong Xue (周冬雨)as Chen Xiang (沉香)
Chen Xiao (陈晓) as 13th Prince (十三阿哥)
Lu Yi (陆毅) as Yong Zheng Emperor (雍正帝)
Zhu Zi Xiao (朱梓骁) as 9th Prince (九阿哥)
Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖) as Liu Li (琉璃)
Zhao Wen Xuan (赵文瑄) as Kang Xi Emperor (康熙帝)

Number of Episodes: MOVIE

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